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DP&M Services goes all-out to be the best resource for the Florida homeowner. We like to offer important tips to those who want to know more about the plumbing in their home. Please come back on a regular basis, as articles will be added monthly.

Owning and running a multi-family property takes a lot of work and a good amount of planning. There's always something to deal with and the repair expenses can add up quickly. You can save a lot of time and expense by preventing plumbing problems.... read more.

The health of your family could be affected by dirty drains in your home. Drains and sewer lines can harbor bacteria, decaying vegetables, fruits, and meats. These materials and more can be rotting in hidden places where you can't see them.... read more.

With over 40 years of experience in the plumbing field, it's safe to say that we here at DP&M Services have pretty much seen it all in our time. While we have definitely seen our fair share of head-scratching and eyebrow raising issues, much of the time we are confronted by similar issues in every home we service.... read more.

If you've ever been faced with such a situation as we're going to tell you about, you know what it's like to be completely frustrated on a day you should be celebrating and you'll understand what we mean when we say our repair technicians... read more.

Hiring a plumber is not as easy as just picking up a phone book and picking one. You need to make sure that you get a qualified plumbing contractor and not some hack. To increase your odds of choosing a good plumber there are some questions ... read more.

No matter if you are renting or buying your North Carolina home, everyone ends up with a clogged kitchen sink once in a while. Hiring a plumber to take care of a job can be expensive. There are several techniques you can use before you call ... read more.

When it comes to water pressure, what one person thinks is adequate might come across as a trickle to another. Because opinions vary widely, it is important to be able to make a determination of the adequacy of water pressure ... read more.

Tankless water heaters are cost effective alternatives to conventional heaters, which require a substantial amount of energy. Easy to install, tankless water heaters do not require a storage tank to supply hot water. Tankless water heaters are ... read more.

If you have a cartridge-type faucet, a leak usually indicates that the O-rings need to be replaced. This is a simple repair that even the novice do-it-yourselfer can perform. If the faucet leaks from the handle, the upper O-ring probably ... read more.

Choosing appropriate faucets for your kitchen sink is as important as choosing the shape and size of the bowl. Faucets come in all shapes and sizes. Avoid a tiny faucet on a big, bold sink, and vice-versa. ... read more.


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