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Why You Need Drain Cleaning Service In Florida & North Carolina

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The health of your family could be affected by dirty drains in your home. Drains and sewer lines can harbor bacteria, decaying vegetables, fruits, and meats. These materials and more can be rotting in hidden places where you can't see them.

Do you have bad smells coming from your drains or sewer lines? If so, this is sure sign that you have decaying materials in your drains that can make you sick if not removed. Do you have slow moving drains that drive you crazy? If so, the cause is probably due to materials that are forming an obstruction.

Slow moving drains can also be caused by scale buildup within the pipes. Scale is formed when sediments in the water are heated to specific degrees. Calcium scale or limescale can be a huge problem as it can build up in all your home's drains and pipes.

It can also get into your washing machine and dishwasher. That fine film you see on your dishes after you run them through the dishwasher is caused by heated sediments in your water. Scale is not healthy for you to ingest. But most of all, it's horrible on your water heater, your pipes, and all appliances affected by it.

Drain Pipes With Scale Buildup

Drain pipes in Florida and North Carolina need drain cleaning because they get covered with scale. Scale will never come off unless the drains and pipes are cleaned by a professional plumber. Instead, the drain pipes will continue to build scale and sediments, making the pipes narrow. Narrow pipes mean slow moving drains that eventually block all water flow.

Sewer Drain Cleaning

Scale is difficult to remove from your pipes, but it can be done professionally. A professional plumbing company can blast through any type of clog you may have, whether it's hard as a rock scale buildup or a massive clog made of all types of materials. Drain cleaning and sewer line cleaning can be done by plumbers who have the right equipment. Water jetting, hydro jetting, or drain pipe jetting will get your sewer drains and pipes clean as a whistle.

Water Heater Cleaning

The water heater is the culprit for creating scale in the first place. Regular sediments in the water will cause little to no damage to your drains, pipes, or appliances. It's when the sediments are heated that they form into a sticky substance that coats everything and hardens with time. However, sediments aren't healthy for you to drink or bathe in, so you may want to consider installing a water softener that helps dissolve them before the water comes out of the faucet.

Your water heater can create a massive amount of scale over the years. Every homeowner who owns a water heater should have it professionally flushed and cleaned out once a year. Scale and sediments can completely fill the bottom of your hot water tank, which will eventually cause problems with the heating elements and other mechanical parts.

Unfortunately, we can't schedule our plumbing problems and they'll generally occur when we least expect it.

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